My Second Year in PakTurk

From old villas to campus schools: PakTurk’s quarter-century history…
July 10, 2022

My Second Year in PakTurk

It was the end of August in the year 2007 when my life took a thrilling turn. On a sunny Sunday, I bid farewell to the comforts of home and embarked on a new adventure. The changes from the previous year were significant; my brother had moved to a high school in Peshawar, leaving me to venture to school alone. But that wasn’t the only transformation reshaping my world.

Our school, once nestled in one of the city’s less glamorous areas, underwent a remarkable metamorphosis. The construction of the school triggered a profound change in the neighborhood’s destiny. What was once an unremarkable corner of Lahore became a prestigious location, now adorned with expensive residences and prestigious universities. The local government’s vision and infrastructure investments fueled this incredible transformation, setting the stage for a bright future.

As I braced myself for this new journey, I faced the challenge of navigating unfamiliar territory by bus. Armed with courage and a prayer, I embarked on my bus ride to Raiwind Boulevard. Little did I know that this bus ride would be a rollercoaster of adventure. The bus was bursting at the seams with passengers, and I had to struggle to squeeze my belongings inside. Finding a spot, though cramped, was a triumph. The bus seemed so full that even closing the doors was a challenge, with a constant stream of people hopping on and off at each stop.

Fear and excitement coursed through me, hoping not to miss my school stop amidst the bustling crowd. At one point, my heart skipped a beat when I inadvertently disembarked two stops early, making my journey on foot more difficult with my belongings. Lost and unsure, I sought help from the locals, but this thrilling moment would forever remain etched in my memory, akin to the excitement of traveling to foreign lands for a program or teaching assignment.

Arriving at the school premises, I witnessed an inspiring scene of dedication and love. The school building, still under construction, buzzed with teachers working tirelessly to create a nurturing environment for us. Principal Adem Akgedik, carrying new desks with enthusiasm, set the tone for a community passionate about shaping the future of its students. The dedication of the teachers was infectious; each one wore a smile and sparkled with excitement as they set up classrooms and labs, fueled by the dream of providing us with the best possible education.

At our dormitory, the ambiance was no different. Our dorm manager and math teacher, Mehmet, impressed us with his exceptional teaching skills. Having left his homeland in pursuit of educating new generations in Pakistan, Mehmet’s passion for mathematics ignited our own love for the subject. The dormitory became a lively hub of activity, where new friendships were forged, and students from diverse backgrounds learned together, united by a shared language and the desire to excel.

In the eighth grade, I was lucky to have Ercan, an experienced computer teacher, as my class teacher. His journey across different cities in Pakistan fascinated us, and his expertise in Microsoft Office continues to serve me to this day. Our bond with Ercan was strengthened by weekly dormitory visits, where we engaged in enjoyable activities and outings like the thrilling visit to SOZO WATER PARK, etching unforgettable memories in our hearts.

Amidst all this, the crucial decision of choosing between Matric and O-Level presented itself. With teachers like Özer Hoca and Esra Hoca making subjects like Math and English delightful, our Turkish teacher, Doğan Hocam, effortlessly turned his one-hour class into a cherished highlight of my week.

As the student population continued to grow, our school became a melting pot of talents and aspirations. Our class, comprising 24 bright students from diverse neighborhoods, fostered an environment of intellectual curiosity. Together, we embarked on a transformative journey of personal development, culminating in an enchanting five-day camp at the picturesque Muree. Surrounded by lush mountains, we explored the depths of self-discovery while enjoying the wonders of nature.

Thus, the eighth-grade chapter came to a close, filled with laughter, friendships, and the precious habit of reading. Little did I know then that this was just the beginning of an exhilarating autobiography, one that would take me places beyond my wildest dreams – from Lahore to the world!

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Imran Ashfaq February 4, 2024
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There must be a good reason why the English and the Turkish versions of this article are worlds apart. I enjoyed reading both the Turkish and the English articles though.