‘I can’t forget the days I stayed in the dormitory’

January 2, 2021

‘I can’t forget the days I stayed in the dormitory’

Ghamama Rashid, who studied at PakTurk Schools in 2004-2013, shared her feelings about that period. Rashid especially longs for the days she spent in the dormitory…

One of the best decisions my parents made was choosing PakTurk as my school. PakTurk gave me many memories which I may never forget. The environment was so amazing, and teachers were great just like a family. They always treated us like their own children.

I still cannot forget those memorable hostel stays, movie nights, trips and many more activities. Among the benefits I got from my school are Turkish language and a disciplined life in line with the teachings of Islam. There is a lot more to say but it will lead to a long story. Long story short, PakTurk is a place which should be chosen by every parent for their children, so do not miss the chance.

I always miss those memories yet 😪they are always in our hearts. A huge thanks to teachers and the abla’s I had ❤

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