‘I can’t forget the days I stayed in the dormitory’
January 1, 2021
Once again: I am Pakistan! *
January 2, 2021


We are the Turkish teachers and education volunteers who worked in different periods during the last quarter of a century in Pakistan. 

As a sweet manifestation of fate, we endeavoured for serving to the people of Pakistan, whom we have known as our time-tested and forever brothers and sisters, as much as we could. 

Our meek endeavours were transformed into superb activities and state-of-the art educational institutions with high quality thanks to constant encouragements from the people of Pakistan and high praises by the Pakistani officials. 

The seeds planted by illustrious intellectual and Poet of the East Allama Dr. Muhammad Iqbal on this fertile ground many years ago bloomed and came to fruition with evergreen produce.  

We educated a unique generation through our joint efforts; meanwhile, our association grew stronger, our friendships took deep roots, and we grew into a large family.

Unfortunately, a day came and we had to leave ‘our second homeland’ due to reasons beyond our control. 

Even though we now found brand-new lives in different parts of the world, our common denominator has never changed: Pakistan. 

Our thoughts always linger there, just like the refrain of a popular song on our lips. Our children are wrapped up in the memories of the land where they were born. 

Here’s what we mean to say;

We left Pakistan, but we do not intend to remain separate from there. Apart from geographical distances, we do not wish to grow distant from one another’s heart.  

This is why we have launched the ‘PakTurkFile’.

The same as we shared lives and places with one another in the past, we now wish to share with you our beloved children’s dreams and our heartfelt song with Pakistan as its refrain. 

We will be publishing your memories, comments, photographs, and videos here. We will endeavour for conveying the voices of our hearts to your hearts.

We will be ever-ready for every support, feedback, and suggestion from our Pakistani friends along with their memories, photographs, and videos.     

Looking forward to meeting you all in the most exquisite memories…


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