January 5, 2021
Pakistan: One of the Two Countries Founded on an Ideal
January 6, 2021


You were the doe-eyed Mehlika* of our youth

Why are you offended at us now, Snowdrop?

Once you were distinguished among many

Why did you hang us without a noose, Snowdrop?

Added as sadness to our sorrow

Hiding from the streets in every corner

Such was a sweet breeze expected from you

So why did you blow southwester, Snowdrop?

For some, you were Farhad or Shirin

You were the rhyme for many poets

While sadness seeped deep towards us

Tell me why were you silent, Snowdrop?

Be it during quakes, rains and floods

On plains, as nomads, in cities

On the move with pens and shovels in hand

Your self-same friend branded a traitor, Snowdrop

As you wept, we too shed tears

Away from you, food lacked savour

Now is anger, a little embarrassment, and much muss

What did you imply at us, Snowdrop?


* Mentioned in a poem by the renowned Turkish poet Yahya Kemal Beyatli, Mehlika Sultan is a beautiful fairy who lived behind the Kaf mountains and adorned the dreams of seven young men who started a long quest and had never been able to meet her.

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