‘I understood why I had to endeavour to educate myself’

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January 6, 2021
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‘I understood why I had to endeavour to educate myself’

There’s a letter from PakTurk Schools alumna Rohma Kakar… Kakar tells about what PakTurk, where she first entered when she was 9, changed in her life and her feelings about those days.

As salaam alaikum! My name is Rohma Kakar. I’m a former student of PakTurk International Schools and Colleges. I’m going to share my experience about my time in PakTurk.

A person can recognise himself better than others. I can see a very changed version of myself now. I was 9 years old when I took my first step in PakTurk. I took admission in Grade 4. I felt I was not bright when I first came to PakTurk. When I graduated from PakTurk, I realised the difference between what I was before and what I’m now. I had so many changes in myself.

When I started taking classes, everyone I met were friendly. Especially my Turkish teachers were so friendly while communicating with their students. They guided us in the importance of education and life. That time I realised why we struggled to educate ourselves.

Rohma Kakar and her letter…

They never coerced us to learn

They never compelled us to learn anything by force; rather, they guided us in a way we were attracted to do hard work and achieve success. This is my story about how I was rewarded by such teachers. This was just the start.

Now let me share with you the time spent with my Turkish teachers:

I still remember and pray if I could go back in time to those when we used to stay with our Turkish teachers. They did not just teach us the way of life; they also made learning joyful by activities like learning to cook Turkish dishes in cooking classes. They also introduced us to the habit of reading books which is unfortunately very rare in our society. Our teachers instilled this reading habit in everyone.

Luckiest we were that we spent time with them and luckiest we are that we are still in touch and can share our problems in life with them whenever we need to. The upcoming generations are be the luckiest as they would have the chance to be taught by them.


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