Spare 5 minutes for the preservation of 25 years!

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July 14, 2021
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July 19, 2021

Spare 5 minutes for the preservation of 25 years!

We are launching a week-long social media campaign to preserve our memories and the quarter-century-old history of PakTurk Schools in Pakistan. You can support our campaign which is scheduled to start on Friday, July 16 by sparing 5 minutes a day.

Dear friends of the PakTurkFile,

Ongoing are our endeavours to chronicle the “History of the Hizmet Movement in Pakistan”, which you witnessed and helped to build. We need more input and support so that this history can be passed on to future generations with maximum content. In this context, we have been working on a number of projects.

One of these is the week-long social media campaign to commence on Friday, July 16, 2021. We invite everyone, young and old alike, who had at least one memory in Pakistan to contribute to our campaign, which also serves as an effort for raising awareness.

Within the scope of the campaign, Turkish and English expressions or statements will be shared on social media accounts of the PakTurkFile with the Turkish hashtag “PakistandanBendeKalan” and the English hashtag “WhatsLeftofPakistaninMe”.

  • You can like, share or add comments to these messages in your social media accounts
  • You can post and share messages from your social media account by using the tags provided

As can be understood from the hashtags, we request you to narrate in a couple of sentences what is left of Pakistan in you. Your contributions may be in the form of poetry, proverbs, mentions about friends, neighbours, your school, local cuisine, and fond memories.

PakTurk Schools is a spotless page in the history of Pakistan and it is our duty to write the history we all experienced. Let’s not allow others to write as they want to blot this spotless page…



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