PakTurk alumna Tooba Jamali: I’ve learned that everything taught by love would last forever

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September 17, 2021
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September 18, 2021

PakTurk alumna Tooba Jamali: I’ve learned that everything taught by love would last forever

Tooba Jamali, an alumna of PakTurk Schools Quetta Girls High School shared her feelings about her school days with us. “I felt better in PakTurk than I felt anywhere else!” said Jamali, describing what she learned from her teachers.

One day in 2006, I took admission in the Nursery class in PakTurk. Little did I know that was the best decision of my parents had taken for me! Before starting to write about my journey in PakTurk I want to thank every single teacher of PakTurk who helped me in every way. My 11 years in PakTurk were the best part of my life. The atmosphere there was the best!

Now, let me share some of my memories with you: I remember in the KG, I was infected with Typhoid fever and everyone at school took care of me! I haven’t seen that much caring people anywhere else.  They said whatever is taught with love lasts forever. Whatever a person gains in teenage depends on how much good his basic knowledge is… and PakTurk gave us that basic knowledge!

Not an ordinary, but a legendary school…

A loving environment! In the Junior Section, we had SubRets and they were probably my favourite! We had ISMO for Maths and Oxford English tests in our days; later, I think they changed it to the Cambridge English tests! I wrote these just to tell that PakTurk wasn’t a normal school: It was legendary!

When I start talking about the Senior Section, it totally revolves around the Turkish staff! The stays at the hostel and the trips… and my favourite guidance classes! Islamic guidance to personality making… Many things I can’t describe in words, but how good I felt in PakTurk as I never did in any other place!

The last lines hocam wrote for me were “Tooba, always smile and hard work is must.” Lastly, “hum rahen na rahen is chaman mein sada, aasman ye rahega in par fida!

Thank you!

Tooba Jamali

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