(A Page from History) Abdullah Gül: I convey my appreciation to PakTurk Schools

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October 26, 2021
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(A Page from History) Abdullah Gül: I convey my appreciation to PakTurk Schools

Turkey's 11th President Abdullah Gül

In today’s “A Page from History” section is the visit made by the 11th President of the Republic of Turkey Abdullah Gül to the Islamabad PakTurk School in 2010. In his remarks in the school’s visitor book for dignitaries, Gül had written, “I convey my appreciation to the PakTurk Schools for their contributions to Turkey-Pakistan relations.”

Turkey’s 11th President Abdullah Gül included PakTurk Schools in the schedule of his official visit to Pakistan in April 2010.

President Gül first watched the performance of PakTurk students at the Serena Hotel in Islamabad. Muhammed Salman, who won the first position at the 7th International Turkish Olympiad with Fatih Kısaparmak’s song ‘’Bu adam benim babam’ (This man is my dad), sang it once again in front of Gül. Another Pakistani student sang Barış Manço’s ‘Gülpembe’ (Rosepink). Gül invited both students to his side and congratulated them with a kiss on the forehead.

President Gül congratulates PakTürk School student Muhammed Salman, who sang the song ‘This man is my father’.

According to the information on his website (www.abdullahgul.gen.tr), 11th President Gül presented plaques to Pakistani businessmen, who provided financial support to PakTurk Schools, in the same function. Speaking on the occasion, Gül stated that education occupies a commendable place in the excellent relations between the two countries in every field and added, “Your efforts and services are very precious. These schools serve as the bridges that will carry the friendship between the two countries from generation to generation.”

Statements written by Gül in the PakTurk diary.

‘We discussed opening universities and new schools’

President Abdullah Gül visited PakTurk’s Islamabad Branch on April 2. Gul, in his short address there, said he had discussed opening universities and new schools with the President and the Prime Minister of Pakistan, adding his praises for having learnt that 5000 students had education in 18 PakTurk Schools.

President Gül also wrote these in the school’s visitor book for dignitaries: “I would like to express my appreciation to the schools of the PakTurk Cag Education Foundation for their contributions to the unique friendship and brotherhood relations between Turkey and Pakistan. I wish all our teachers success in their studies, and I have no doubt the students you educate will serve the development and welfare of Pakistan.”

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