We look forward to receiving your memories on food

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February 1, 2022
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February 3, 2022

We look forward to receiving your memories on food


Dear friends, dear followers;

It’s been one year since the PakTurkFile website and social media accounts started their publicising life with modest steps. We are just at the beginning, and we have a long way to go.

We strive to uphold the rights and privileges of the PakTurk Schools which – after serving the people of Pakistan for nearly 25 years – were usurped under pressures from Turkey and to chronicle their success-studded history and share bitter-sweet memories.

Foremost, we would like to express our profound thanks for your interest and support all the way. This year, we plan to introduce new writers on our site and generate further and richer content through various projects.

For those who say, “What will I write? What can I tell you?”, we will have suggestions in time. The first of these suggestions is writing your memories on food.

We know every Turkish national who lived in Pakistan even for one day has unique and colourful memories of the Pakistani cuisine, vegetables and fruits. Likewise, you must have witnessed the experiences and heard the opinions of your Pakistani friends about the Turkish cuisine. We request you to write them down for the PakTurk File.

You may consider this concept of ‘food memory’ in its broadest sense: The first Pakistani food you tasted; your favourite dishes, the ones you could never eat, those you first disliked and later become addicted to, the ones you have cooked for years, those you pine for their aroma; the Turkish food you introduced to your Pakistani friends, the foods your Pakistani colleagues requested from you; the taste of the vegetables and fruits unique to Pakistan, unforgettable street-food flavours, and so on.

We request you to share your articles accompanied by at least one photograph and to convey not only the information about the food but also the event and the story.

This is how we aim to introduce the Pakistani cuisine and food culture.

If you trust to the proliferation of your pen, write right away! If you have verbal strength, shoot a video and send it to us! If you say “No, I’ll tell and you’ll write”, contact us immediately! What’s more, send the recipe of your favourite Pakistani food in writing or as a video, and we will publish ASAP.

If you have Pakistani friends who have memories of Turkish food, you can request them to send their articles, photos and videos to us directly.

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Queries and feedback                 :    +44 7747 302683 (WhatsApp)

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