Educationist Engin Yiğit: What is taught with love lasts forever (Video)

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Educationist Engin Yiğit: What is taught with love lasts forever (Video)

Engin Yiğit has worked as a teacher and administrator at PakTurk Schools.

Speaking in a live broadcast to support the legal struggle of the PakTurk Schools, educationist Engin Yiğit talked about the bond between the people of Pakistan and the Turkish teachers. Saying his and his colleagues’ educational philosophy was based on love, Yiğit emphasized the permanence of the notions they taught and learnt.

The teachers and administrators of the PakTurk Schools in Pakistan, which were usurped in 2018 in the wake of the pressure from the regime in Turkey, put up a struggle for their rights and rule of law under the guidance of the UK-based London Advocacy Group. PakTurkFile team, carrying out the media and outreach activities of this struggle, started a donation campaign in November 2021. PakTurk teachers and administrators also participated as speakers in the program broadcast on the MC TV and the Hizmetten YouTube channels.

Speaking on the broadcast as one of the affected educationists. Engin Yiğit explained the inspiration and feelings that guided them in their services across Pakistan and said, “The motto of our Schools was ‘What is taught with love lasts forever ‘. I believe it did. This is why they (the people of Pakistan) still miss us and we miss them too.” Yiğit expressed his belief in the ongoing legal struggle to yield definite results for returning the Schools to their rightful owners.

Talking about his book ‘Yarım Kalan Hayaller’ (Dreams Interrupted) on his Pakistan memoirs, Yiğit said:

“As educationists, we all worked in Pakistan with the profound motivation of ‘How more can I be beneficial to this country?’ Showered by amity there, you certainly find yourself ascending in a unique spiral of affection.

Even though we are hurt and sad which resulted in the expulsion of teachers and the seizure of our Schools, it was the people of Pakistan who stood by us despite all tribulations and showed their unconditional and sincere support. Not only our students, but also the parents, intellectuals, opinion leaders, and media in the country stood by us.

These are a series of memories worthy of constant remembrance, so these should definitely be recorded and passed on to the future generations, with their ups and downs and their happy or sad episodes.”

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