(A Page from History) Letter to Turkey from PakTurk students: I wish I could come again!

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(A Page from History) Letter to Turkey from PakTurk students: I wish I could come again!

PakTurk students always made a name for themselves with their successful performances in the finals of the Turkish Olympiads held in Turkey. A group of PakTurk students who went to Turkey for the Olympiad finals and a summer school in 2013 spent 15 days in different cities.

Some students, who collected unforgettable memories, left the letters they had written about their feelings to Turkey. The letters of two students from Islamabad PakTurk Girls’ High School were published on Samanyolu Haber’s website on October 10, 2013. We share the translation of the letters.


Izzah Alvi (Islamabad PakTurk Girls’ High School Class 10 Student)

Wonderful Days in Turkey…

Until the 29th of May this year, I was dreaming of Turkey. The next day my dreams came true. I arrived in Turkey for the Olympiads on the 30th of May. I was looking forward to the 22nd of June, because on that day our summer school would start. I liked Istanbul more because there is no sea in the city where I live. We spent very beautiful days.

Today I am leaving Turkey. On the one hand, I am happy that I am returning to my homeland. On the other hand, I am sad that I am leaving Turkey. I wish health and happiness to everyone and our teachers who assume duties here, serve, work for us, love us and help us. I pray they always remain in wellbeing and whatever happiness they desire they always have it. I want to come to Turkey again next year and I hope I will come again if I have the chance.

Lots of greetings from Pakistan to Turkey. I will miss a sister country like Anatolia so much. I will never forget the streets of Istanbul and I will tell everyone in Pakistan that Turks are hospitable, friendly and pure white. Thank you, Turkey, for loving me…

Long live the friendship and brotherhood between Pakistan and Türkiye! (Amin)

Manaahil Khan (Islamabad PakTurk Girls’ High School Class 10 Student)

My Turkey

After coming to Turkey in 2005, I was looking forward to coming back again. That blowing wind, cool nights, warm-hearted people, clean streets, I had missed them all. People in Turkey are very hospitable and nice. I’m never bored and never uncomfortable while chatting with them. Their behaviour is so decent and wonderful. When I am with them, I do not feel alien and alone.

Now I am in Turkey and about to return to my country Pakistan this evening. I missed my family so much and I want to meet them. At the same time, I want to stay in Turkey for more. I stayed in Turkey for fifteen days and now these beautiful and dreamy days are over.

Most things in Turkey differ from Pakistan. We spent ten days in Kayseri and stayed in the dormitory of a school named Yelkenoğlu. These ten days are unforgettable and have come and gone like the wind. The people in Kayseri are very friendly and hospitable. And as I write these lines now, I wish I could come to Turkey again.

Oh hi there 👋 It’s nice to meet you.

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