Happy Pakistan Day!

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March 21, 2022
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Happy Pakistan Day!

Photo: www.pexels.com / Muhammad Khawar Nazir

Today is March the 23rd, the Pakistan Day. It’s the anniversary of the day in 1940, when Muslims of the Subcontinent proclaimed from Lahore to the world their resolve and demand for a separate state for Muslims. Pakistan, which was conceived on this day, was actually founded 7 years later on August 14, 1947.

As PakTurkFile family, we wholeheartedly felicitate all of our Pakistani brothers and sisters on the 82nd anniversary of the Pakistan Day.

Known as the Yaum-e Pakistan (Pakistan Day) in Pakistan, 23 March is celebrated as a national holiday across the country. This day marks a watershed convention for resolving the difference of opinion between the Hindus and the Muslims in the Subcontinent.

The Muslim League – formed by the political and communal Muslim leaders of the Subcontinent – convened in Lahore between March 23 and 25, 1940 in Minto Park, where the Minar-e Pakistan stands today, to discuss the differences that occasionally escalated to violence between the Hindus and the Muslims. The convention resolved to carve an autonomous and sovereign Muslim nation-state in the Subcontinent as a definitive solution. Seven years after this resolution, which advocated the autonomy and ultimate independence of regions with Muslim majority, Pakistan was founded.

Following its independence under the leadership of Muhammed Ali Jinnah on August 14, 1947, Pakistan continued to be within the Commonwealth for about 9 years led by a Governor General and a cabinet chaired by a Prime Minister. With the proclamation of its first-ever Constitution on March 23, 1956, Pakistan became the world’s first Islamic republic. That was why, 23 March was also celebrated as the Constitution and Republic Day for a couple of years. It has been celebrated as the Pakistan Day since the 1960s.

In celebration of this day of national importance, the troops and divisions of the Pakistan Armed Forces parade in a large celebration program attended by many friendly and brotherly country representatives in Islamabad. March 23 is also the day when Pakistani and foreign individuals who have contributed to Pakistan in various fields are conferred national recognition awards and medals by the President every year. We too felicitate Pakistan wholeheartedly on her 82nd Resolution Day and say, “Pakistan Zindabad! Pak-Turk Dosti Paindabad!”

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