Donate in this Ramadan to preserve the memories and rights of the PakTurk Schools

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April 10, 2021
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April 12, 2021

Donate in this Ramadan to preserve the memories and rights of the PakTurk Schools

Why does PakTurkFile appeal to crowdfunding?

PakTurkFile has been established with an aim to preserve the memories of the Hizmet volunteers who founded and run the PakTurk schools in Pakistan from 1993 to 2018 and contributed to other educational and dialogue activities, to support their legal struggle, to restore their honours and restitute their rights in Pakistan and to ensure that the future generations of Pakistan will remember these heroes of dedication who have gifted quarter of century of their lives to Pakistan duly.

Among our projects there are ambitious ones like the website and the linked social media accounts, launching and managing a legal struggle for rights and assets, running a PR campaign that will support that legal struggle, documentary films, online photo exhibitions and a short film contest. Some of these projects demand time, others devam financial investment.

PakTurkFile GoFundMe Account ( has been established to generate the source of this financial investment. You can find more information on only one of the projects of PakTurkFile, and how the financial resources will be spend here, at the ‘MY PAKISTAN LIFE’ Art Contest:

Who are we?

PakTurkFile project is run by London based London Advocacy, operating on authorisation by several former teachers and managers of the PakTurk schools. London Advocacy is registered in Englan and Wales as a company limited by-guarantee (not-for-profit company). Its registration number is 10473818 and more information on the company can be found at

You can reach to more information about the web based projects of PakTurkFile and who are involved in these project at

What do we promise?

We promise to share transparently the information of all spendings done from the donations with a monthly email sent to our donors.

We promise that the donations will be used solely for the PakTurkFile projects and that London Advocacy will not take any payment from these donations for its corporate work or for its employees’ work for PakTurkFile projects.

We promise that our donors will be widely informed about all our projects through the site and that we will consider all feedback, criticism and suggestions made through the contact emails provided at the website.

Do we accept donations through bank transfer?

Yes. Our donors who wish to make a bank transfer can get the necessary bank account information via email.


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