Let’s meet live this Saturday for the PakTurk Schools

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November 19, 2021
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Let’s meet live this Saturday for the PakTurk Schools

A group of teachers and administrators of the PakTurk Schools will participate in the simultaneous live broadcast on MC TV and Hizmetten YouTube channels on Saturday, November 27, 2021. During the broadcast themed “Do Not Forget PakTurk”, the PakTurkFile project, the progress in the legal struggle, and future plans will be explained. In addition, donations to the campaign will be collected through GoFundMe.

Teachers of the Turkish Schools in Pakistan (PAKTURK), which the Turkish government had usurped in 2018 by slandering the institutions as “terror-affiliated”, will talk about their rights and legal struggles on live broadcast. The program, scheduled on Saturday, November 27 at 7:00 PM European Time, will be broadcast on MC TV and Hizmetten YouTube channels.

Besides teachers and administrators like Sevda Arslan, Züleyha Özşahin, İsmail Nazlı, and Engin Yiğit, theologian Abdullah Aymaz and journalists Kerim Balcı and Şemsinur Özdemir will participate in the live broadcast to be presented by Barış Cem Kaya.

The teachers of the PakTurk educational institutions will relate the years they lived in Pakistan, the educational services provided by the schools for a quarter of a century, the cordial ties established with students and parents, the support of businesspeople, and how they had to leave Pakistan due to a political decision taken at the end of 2016. Teachers will also narrate the hardships they faced during that phase and the sincere support of the people of Pakistan.

£30,000 donation aimed through GoFundMe

Other guests will convey what has been done within the legal struggle conducted under the auspices of the UK-based London Advocacy Group, and what future steps will be taken. During the live broadcast, the PakTurkFile project and the future projects to be implemented within the framework of public opinion building and PR studies will also be mentioned.

Another objective of the broadcast is to collect donations for the GoFundMe campaign launched for the PakTurkFile project. A total amount of 30,000 GBP is sought as donation. Besides its future use in funding the legal struggle, the money raised will also be utilized in various social and cultural activities.

Some projects are: Organizing conferences and panels on PakTurk Schools at the Oxford University and similar platforms, making documentaries and films, publishing books in three languages, holding exhibitions, and launching albums.

The expenditures to be made under the supervision of the London Advocacy Group will be announced to the public at regular intervals.

The projects to be implemented within the scope of the campaign are explained on the GoFundMe donation site: www.gofundme.com/pakturkfile2021

The names that will be guests on the live broadcast are as follows:

Sevda Arslan
Esra Tosun
Gönül Barış
Züleyha Özşahin
Şemsinur Özdemir
Meryem Köken

Abdullah Aymaz
İsmail Nazlı
Kerim Balcı
Doğan Yücel
Engin Yiğit
Taner Koçyiğit
Mustafa Yılmaz
Ebubekir Karaoğlu
Mehmet Karadayı
Mehmet Özdemir


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