Pakistani Poet Altaf Qureshi’s ‘Love for Turkey’*

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February 6, 2021
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February 7, 2021

Pakistani Poet Altaf Qureshi’s ‘Love for Turkey’*

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Turkey’s formed a great bond in my heart and soul

The torches of fidelity got kindled in our heart.

Friends, I saw such friendships in that abode

It was as if the name of our homeland was engraved in hearts.

History’s the witness to our fusion in brotherhood

On that firmament, respect for one another is a thousand-fold

Their eyes beamed with truth’s charm and zeal

Real love sparkled in their essence.

O my fellow-traveller, ask me not ever about Konya

Where the earth and the sky seemed to dance.

As delightfully painted light radiated on

The shine on their faces resembled a rose-garden.

In their eyes were the moon of love and sincerity

Always and everywhere, the gates of friendship laid open.

Altaf salutes each person in Turkey

For, the signs of courage line their foreheads.

Altaf Ahmad Qureshi

Translated by: Doğan YÜCEL and Aslam BHATTI

(*) A renowned Pakistani poet, writer, and translator, Altaf Ahmad Qureshi was also the Lahore Director of the Pakistan Academy of Letters for many years.

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