Support call for the GoFundMe Campaign

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October 7, 2021
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October 12, 2021

Support call for the GoFundMe Campaign

PakTurkFile team have set new targets for 2022 to carry their voices to wider masses in their struggle for rights. To achieve these goals, they started a donation campaign via GoFundMe.

Dear PakTurkFile followers, dear friends,

We have entered a new phase in the struggle for rights and justice we started for the PakTurk Schools in Pakistan, which were usurped by the Turkish government at the end of 2018. Filing of the appeal, once delayed due to official procedures, has recently been made by our lawyers.

In the petition submitted to the Ministry of Interior in Pakistan on behalf of our two former administrators, it was requested the ‘seizure verdict’ vis-à-vis the PakTurk Schools to be lifted and the schools to be returned to their owners. The ministerial response is still awaited. If the verdict does not change, we are determined to elevate our struggle to the highest legal authorities of Pakistan.

This development has also imposed new responsibilities on us in working to have our voices heard by the global public and conscience. We have decided to expand and diversify the activities carried out on our website and social media accounts launched at the beginning of 2021.

However, material and moral support are needed to accomplish the projects, the details of which are given below. The support provided is vital for the recovery of the 25-year history, memories and future of the PakTurk Schools and their students.


  • You can support the GoFundMe campaign to start on Monday (11 October), even if modestly:
  • By spreading the good word of our campaign to your friends and colleagues, you can make them contribute. Let’s not forget that the number of donors is more significant than the amount of donation in this campaign.
  • During the campaign, you can augment our voice by spreading the exclusive messages and video clips we will share on the PakTurkFile’s social media accounts and YouTube channel.


  • (English)


  • We will take the administrative and legal struggle we started to the very end. In this respect, we will file cases in the respective High Court and the Supreme Court of Pakistan. We will do our best to get fair results. Yet, we will work based on responsibility, not results.
  • We will add the third language, Urdu, to the website, where we currently publish in Turkish and English. We will increase the visual quality of our site and the feature and diversity of the content. We will receive articles and interviews from our former Pakistani students and friends.
  • We will publish books compiled from the series of articles and interviews on the PakTurkFile site. We will present the books, which will be ready in 3 languages, to the reader in digital and paper print. We will publish the Turkish version of 5 books (Our Pakistan, What Is Left to Me, Landscapes from PakAsia, My Heart Remained in Pakistan, Pakistan’s Right There!) until the end of this year. Next year we will release at least 5 more books.
  • We will organize social media campaigns to announce all our work and to increase public support. We will increase the number of followers of the accounts we use in these campaigns. Until October 2022, we will work to increase the number of followers of our Turkish Twitter account from 2,500 to 10,000, the number of followers of our English Twitter account from 5,300 to 15,000, the number of followers of our Instagram account from 2,300 to 7,500, and the number of followers of our Facebook account from 920 to 3,000.
  • We have shared 21 videos on our YouTube channel so far. In the coming period, we wish to publish 3-4 new videos every month. We will showcase the pertinent content in our website on YouTube as well. We will also work to increase the number of our subscribers from 520 to 2,500.
  • We made a short documentary about the humanitarian aid and emergency relief activities the PakTurk staff carried out in the disaster zones after major earthquakes and floods. We wish to produce new featured documentaries and short films about PakTurk’s other achievements and social activities.
  • We are resolute to organize academic and semi-academic panels, conferences and study circles where the values the PakTurk Schools inculcated in Pakistan and education and their contributions to world peace will be discussed. The first of these conferences will be held at the Oxford University on November 17, 2021.
  • We wish to compile a photo album on the history of the PakTurk Educational Institutions and online exhibitions where the photos in the album will be displayed.
  • In order to re-establish the bond of love with our Pakistani friends who studied, worked, and became parents and trustees at the PakTurk Educational Institutions, we will hold video meetings and chats, and implement projects that will reach them and their hearts.

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