April 30, 2022

The Indispensable drink of Ramadan: Rooh Afza

Educationist Sadık Pakdil wrote the story of Rooh Afza, which has become an indispensable gem and drink of Ramadan in Pakistan. Pakdil explained when and how […]
May 7, 2022

TUSKON visit of Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry delegation

Besides his teaching duties at the PakTurk Schools, educationist Doğan Yücel was also involved in the activities of the businessmen’s association founded to develop the trade […]
May 12, 2022

KCCI delegation also visited media and educational institutions during their trip to Turkey

Besides his teaching duty at the PakTurk Schools, educationist Doğan Yücel also volunteered in the businessmen’s association established to develop the trade between Pakistan and Turkey. […]
May 27, 2022

(A Page from History) A flood of love for students returning with medals from the math competition in Thailand

Having returned with outstanding success from an international mathematics competition held in Thailand, the students of the PakTurk Schools were greeted with enthusiasm in Pakistan. The […]
May 31, 2022

The unique structural and architectural features of the Badshahi Masjid

Researcher and educationist Doğan Yücel wrote about the Badshahi Masjid in Lahore, an architectural landmark considered one of the most significant religious and cultural structures of […]
June 4, 2022

(A Page from History) ‘PakTurk is like an oasis in the desert for us’

Assoc. Prof. Hüseyin Çelik, who served as the Minister of National Education of the ruling AKP government between 2003 and 2009, visited Pakistan after the devastating […]
June 9, 2022

Lahore’s ‘paradise corner’: Shalimar Gardens

Researcher and educationist Doğan Yücel wrote about the 400-year-old Shalimar Gardens, known as the ‘paradise corners’ of Lahore. Yücel explained the history of the gardens, their […]
June 14, 2022

(A Page from History) ‘You strengthen the humane ties between Turkey and Pakistan’

Cemil Çiçek, who served as the Speaker of the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TGNA) between 2011 and 2015, visited Pakistan in 2013 with a group of […]
June 24, 2022

Flag ceremony with a large audience in Lahore

Educationist Doğan Yücel wrote about the exciting flag ceremony on the Pakistan-India border near Lahore. One experience to be had at least once for anyone visiting […]